1 ■ Naming It, Claiming It

2 ■ Making the Legal Case for Women / 1975–76

3 ■ Redefining Sex / 1979–91

4 ■ Mechelle Vinson’s Supreme Trial / 1986

5 ■ Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas: Confirming Harassment / 1991

6 ■ Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Feminism’s Swerve / 1992–98

7 ■ Life Among the Ruins of the Feminist Collision with Bill Clinton / 1998–2016

8 ■ Feminism Reborn: Online, On Campus / 2003–11

9 ■ Roger Ailes and Donald Trump: Republicans Corner the Market on Sex Abuse / 2015–16

10 ■ Pink Pussies at the Women’s March / 2017

11 ■ The Press Presses and the Dam Breaks: Harvey Weinstein / 2017–18

12 ■ #MeToo / 2017–18

13 ■ The Year of Reckoning: 2018


Reckoning is stirring, essential history for women of all ages. Prepare to meet the most important—and In some cases the most unsung—feminist heroes of the past fifty years.”

– Alyssa Milano, Actress and Activist

“An important and fascinating examination of the intersection of sex and power and the political and cultural fights for women’s parity and autonomy, in the workplace and beyond. Hirshman’s new book reveals aspects of American feminist history many of us did not know, and provides important context around what we already thought we knew. An inspiring, necessary and perfectly-timed work of analysis and history.”

– Anna Holmes, Writer and Creator, Jezebel

“Reckoning is a gripping account of the most profound cultural, political, and legal transformation of the past fifty years. Pulling no punches and sparing no hypocrites, Linda Hirshman speaks to all of us, men and women alike, in a voice at once urgent and entertaining, about the eternal double helix of sex and power.”

– Laurence H. Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor and Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School

“Those seeking a tightly constructed narrative about how #MeToo became a cultural phenomenon will find it here, along with a celebration of the bold women who stood up for themselves to earn legal victories against harassment.”

– Publishers Weekly

“A brisk, authoritative, and timely history.”

– Kirkus Review